uChoose Visa Gift Card Fees

uChoose Visa gift cards cards are designed to give your recipient an immediate gift and full use of the funds you load.

Please be aware that these cards will incur some cardholder fees as shown in the table below.

When placing an order for uChoose Visa Prepaid Gift cards please take this into consideration.

Card fees cannot be reversed, it is the responsibility of you the card purchaser to inform the card recipients of these fees.

Please note that once a card balance reaches zero no further fees can be charged.

Online Balance and Transaction History enquiry
Automated telephone enquiry
Live Agent telephone enquiry
Monthly Maintenance Fee: Charged from the 4th month from issuance(applied to cards issued prior to 1 September 2023. No fee applied to cards issued after 1 September 2023)$2.50
Foreign Exchange Fee: If the Card is used for purchases with any merchant outside of Australia or any currency other than Australian dollars
4.5% of the AUD amount of the transaction
Card Expiry Fee
Balance of the Card at the time of expiry