The perfect corporate rewards gift card

Personal gifting for staff and customers

uChoose Visa Gift cards have been helping Australian corporates recognise and reward the critical people in their business for over 10 years.

With a unique range of card designs, no activation clause, no card fees and the cheapest corporate Visa gift card in Australia – uChoose will have you celebrating the success of your staff with you in no time.

uChoose Visa gift cards are ready to order and buy online anytime through the uChoose corporate store. There are no setup fees, minimum card order and setup time required.

Personal gifting for staff and customers

Ultimate Choice

uChoose Visa Gift Cards work like a traditional store gift card – just better! Think of all the purchase flexibility you get with a credit card – that is uChoose!

We put corporates in control of the order process; through our online corporate store, you can easily buy online, choose your favourite design and load the Visa gift cards with any value load amount onto each card.

Best of all is the personal touch you have when they arrive, hand them out to your staff, customers, or key stakeholders for that personal touch.

uChoose Visa Gift Cards are the best version of traditional gift cards; you won't need to collect personal details such as name, email or phone number. Keep those details private and focus on handing out the gift card when celebrating.


uChoose Corporate Gift Card Difference

  • Simply set up your corporate account, including business details and ABN, and order online once approved!

  • Choose the card design that is right for you.

  • uChoose are the cheapest Visa gift cards at $2.95 +GST per card.

  • Choose any value load to put on cards from $10 - $1000.

  • No minimum order or setup costs.

  • uChoose Visa cards orders are bulk shipped directly to you.

  • Cards are delivered in 7 - 10 business days from payment.

  • As we are made for corporates, we have the best branded card options in Australia.

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Love your brand? Customise your own corporate Visa gift card!

uChoose Visa Prepaid Gift Cards can be customised with your company's logo and image* so that your staff or clients are reminded of your brand every time they use it. If you want brand recall and recognition, design your own corporate Visa gift card!

Find out more

**Card design subject to Visa approval. Need more information on Fully Branded cards? Please contact us.

With the one uChoose Visa Gift Card setup you have one perfect card for any business use!

  • Internal sales incentives

  • Staff recognition and milestone awards

  • Thank you gifts

  • One off expense cards

  • Corporate gifts including Christmas

  • Promotions and giveaways

  • Staff anniversaries

  • Staff bonuses

and so much more...

uChoose Gift Cards for all corporate needs

We have designed uChoose Visa Gift Cards for all corporate customers in Australia and have worked to place your cardholders at the centre of the product.

  • For HR, it's your staff, employees, or team members.
  • For sales and marketing, it's your customers and consumers.

uChoose is aimed to make rewarding cardholders easy – our Visa gift cards are issued for 12 months and have zero fees for the life of the card.

This means you can hand over the gift card, knowing they can spend the entire amount.

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Buy cards online now or call us for fully branded card options. Contact us! 

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Cards are easily activated in bulk through your online account. Simply log in, click the activate button and you are ready to go!

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Your staff or customers can use the card in multiple transactions with over 24 million merchants worldwide including online, anywhere Visa is accepted.
Now that's choice!

uChoose Visa Gift Card Types and Pricing

Choose the uChoose Visa Gift Card to fit your brand and budget. We have the options to meet your needs!

uChoose Visa Gift Card

$2.95+ GST
per card
  • No ongoing card fees, setup fee or minimum card orders
  • 12 Month card life
  • $2.95 + GST per card
  • Load any value up to $1000 per card
  • uChoose secure pack included
  • Each order securely bulk shipped & delivered in 7-10 working days from payment
  • Orders bulk activated via online portal
  • Online ordering with credit card or bank transfer options

Fully Branded Visa Gift Card

$2.95+ GST
per card
  • Customise a card design with your logo and image*
  • $650 one-off setup fee (excluding art work)
  • No minimum branded cards orders
  • 12 Month card life
  • Card prices starting from $2.95 + GST per card
  • Custom card added to your online ordering account
  • uChoose secure pack included
  • Load any value up to $1000 per card
  • Each order securely bulk shipped & delivered in 7-10 working days from payment
  • Orders bulk activated via online portal

*Card design subject to Visa approval. Need more information on Fully Branded cards? Please contact us.

Need more options? Then iChoose has you covered!

Choose the gift card to fit your brand and budget.

  • Visa prepaid cards that can load values over $1,000
  • Ability to send direct to card recipients without repacking!
  • Options to top up cards, rather than order new ones.
  • Cards personalised with individual names

If these are the options you’re looking for then iChoose is perfect for your corporate needs. iChoose is Australia's only corporate centric Visa prepaid card provider, with a range of options to suit any business need. Our iChoose range of Visa prepaid cards have choice of higher limit single load cards and direct post to recipients around Australia and New Zealand.

For ongoing and frequest top ups, then iChoose reloadable cards are for you. Available in 1-2-and 3-year card life a reloadable Visa prepaid card is perfect for efficiency and customers loyalty.

If these options fill your corporate needs, contact the iChoose team for more information. / 1300 424 667

Choose the gift card to fit your brand and budget
No Stress

uChoose is not a credit card, so there is no requirement for 100-point check. Simply order via the online store and hand out to your staff or customers.

Designed for the Cardholder

uChoose Visa Gift Cards have been structured with the cardholder in mind, with no cardholder fees for the life of the card. There are also no activation clauses!  

No Minimum Card Order

Unlike many branded cards, there is no minimum card order. You will save more on postage if you order in bulk, however there are no restrictions on how many cards you order.

Branding for Maximum Impact

We allow you to fully customise your corporate Visa gift card design with logo and imagery. This means cardholders think of YOU every time they use your gift card! 

Questions & Answers

A uChoose Visa Gift Card is ‘Prepaid’ and can be used until the balance is exhausted. Cardholders select credit at the checkout and enter the PIN which is the expiry date of the Card. The Card can be used multiple times until the balance is exhausted. Card use instructions are printed on the card packaging.

uChoose Visa Gift Cards can be used wherever Visa cards are accepted, including online at over 24 million merchants worldwide. Whether you are purchasing high street fashion, electrical products, garden products, event tickets, something for the kids or something special for yourself – you can see the options are endless – these cards definitely give you the freedom of choice!

uChoose Visa Gift Cards can be ordered in any whole dollar amount from $10 to $1,000.

uChoose Visa Gift Cards can only be purchased by Corporates. The card can be given to anyone, but usually given to staff or customers for the purposes of rewards and incentives.

Once you have received your order of uChoose Visa Gift Cards, log into your online account and request that your order be activated via the order details page. We cannot activate individual cards. Once you request an order activation, all cards in that order will be activated within 24 hours and will be ready to use by the cardholder.

All uChoose Visa Gift Cards are bulk shipped to a single address for your own distribution. Shipping costs start at $10.95 + GST but are variable based on the number of cards ordered. The total shipping cost will be displayed in the order summary once cards have been added to your cart.

There is no minimum card order for uChoose Visa Gift Cards. 

All orders are placed online. Simply press the “buy now” button at the top of this page to begin your order. 

Upon checkout, you can pay by credit card, or you can request an invoice for an electronic bank transfer payment. Orders are only processed once payment has been received in full.

uChoose Visa Gift Card orders take 10 - 14 business days to be printed, packed and shipped to you. Card orders are sent by express post. Each card order is sent for processing and distribution once we receive payment. We are unlikely to be able to accommodate rush orders. Please keep this in mind when you require cards to be delivered by a specific date.  

uChoose Visa Gift Cards can only be supplied to businesses. We will need your company details including ABN, shipping address and company name that matches your ABN. 

We also only accept orders from accounts with a corporate email address. This means that orders placed using Hotmail, gmail, yahoo, or other personal email addresses will be rejected. 

Yes! Each year we add a number of Christmas themed uChoose Visa Gift Cards. Look out at the beginning of October when these designs are available for ordering.

uChoose Visa Gift Cards can be fully branded with your company design. We can create a card design for you, or you can provide us with a card design to use. Card design is subject to Visa approval.

It takes 4 weeks to setup a fully branded card design and a setup fee applies. There is no minimum branded card order, once approved you are ready to order. 

If you are after your own branded uChoose Visa Gift Card, please contact our customer service team on 1800 045 669 or via the contact us form so that they can assist you in creating your branded card.

Yes, uChoose Visa Gift Cards have a 1 year expiration period from the date of issue. The expiry date is printed on the back of the card wallet and on the front of the card. 

Cards will expire at the end of the month shown. Once this date has been passed, a cardholder will not be able to use the card and any remaining balance will be forfeited. Notice is not given that the card is due to expire.

We cannot extend the expiry date of a uChoose Visa Gift Card. Once the card has expired, any remaining funds are forfeited and the card cannot be accessed. Cardholders will not be notified prior to the expiry date.

For cards issued after 1 September 2023 there are no monthly or activation fees on uChoose Visa Gift Cards.  However any card issued prior to 1 September 2023 will incur a monthly fee of $2.50 which is applied to cards after the 4th month from the card issuance date. 

Foreign exchange fees do apply to all cards if used overseas. Fees also apply when calling the 1800 customer service centre. 

These fees are clearly outlined on the card Terms and Conditions.

Once all funds have been used on uChoose Visa Gift Cards they can be disposed of thoughtfully as the card can no longer be used. 

All cardholders can check their Card balance for free by visiting the cardholder website found on the back of the Card or within the card pack. 

Treat your uChoose Gift Cards like cash. Like all gift cards, the Card cannot be replaced if it is lost or stolen.

No, uChoose Visa Gift Cards cannot be reloaded or topped up. Once the Card has been issued with a set value, the Card value can be spent and the Card disposed of. 

Yes, however there are limitations. uChoose Visa Gift Cards cannot be used at online merchants who have enabled one-time passwords (OTP) or another form of verification. Cards can also not be used at online merchants who pre-authorise your card for less than $0.01 prior to the transaction being approved. Example of merchants are Apple, Ebay and Amazon.

uChoose Visa Gift Cards cannot be setup for recurring payments. Due to the single load value on a card, merchants who would like you to set up payments which are recurring or paid in instalments will decline a card. These type of payments are beyond the limits the cards and is out of our control. 

You can use your uChoose Visa Gift Card at restaurants, hotels, rental car companies and cruises but be aware that these service orientated merchants pre-authorise your card prior to confirming the transaction and will automatically factor in a tip or incidentals (in the case of hotels) of up to 10%. If your bill plus the additional 10% exceeds the available balance on your card, the transaction will be declined. This is controlled at the merchant terminal and is out of our control.

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